Our History

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The Bluebonnet community of teachers, parents and their children is intimate, yet so colorful and diverse. 

Our community has had representatives from all continents, but Antarctica! During the last 13 years Bluebonnet has expanded into a strong close knit community of people who share similar dreams, values and aspirations for their children's education and future.

When my husband George and I started designing Bluebonnet in the summer of 2000 ...

we had the vision of creating a beautiful environment, hidden among the live oak canopies, where the future "Citizens of the World" could grow and explore freely. The color of their skin would be no more important than the color of their eyes, and they would be nurtured to respect and love one another and care for the most beautiful planet in the Universe: Earth!

"Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials." - Maria MontessoriGeorge, David, Rachael and I spent many days crawling under the Live oaks and Cedar trees looking for the perfect position of the buildings so that we could preserve as much of the beautiful natural hill country surroundings as possible.  This school was built from the ground up with purpose, love and the spirit of Montessori in practice.  Our own children have helped in hammering the nails that would create its walls.  Together we have moved rocks to create its gardens.  My father, Nikolay, built the child size furniture and many of the wooden Montessori materials the children still use today. 

When we first purchased the three acres of Live oaks in 1993, George and I dreamed of building our home on this beautiful property for our own children. Instead, our dream grew much bigger and we created a huge home for many, many children – our own "Casa de Bambini" -"Children's Home" as Maria Montessori called her schools.
As the parents of our community have told us, Bluebonnet Montessori has truly become a home-away-from-home, where their children discover they can think for themselves, and practice love, care and respect for their friends and family and their environment.  Most importantly, guided by caring teachers and supported by this incredible community of parents, they are empowered to trust themselves so they may discover and reach their full unique potential.