Thank you, Ms. Shah, for encouraging and supporting Lauren's and Alex's journey of exploration. Your enthusiasm for learning is infectious. I asked Lauren what she liked best about school, and she said it was the things she didn't know yet. What a wonderful outlook on education you have instilled!

Gratefully yours, Jennifer Meyer

Dear Bluebonnet Families,
After participating in the Bluebonnet Parents Association for 5 ½ years and being "chief organizer" for 4, it is time to pass the torch. As I reflect over the years, I am very touched by the friendships I have made through Bluebonnet and its community. Families have come and gone and come back over the last 6 years. It is great to see the younger siblings of our children reach Bluebonnet. Over the years, we have been able to do wonderful things as a community, for the community. We have helped promote and fight to "Stamp Out Hunger", by collecting food and cash donations for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas; collecting enough food and money for almost 6,000 meals. We have helped to promote Recycle, Reuse, Reduce through our participation in the Cartridges For Kids program. We held fundraisers to raise money for a young teacher with cancer. We raised almost $7000 (in our first year of participation!!) for the fight against breast cancer and walked in the "Race for A Cure." Go Ambassadors! Not bad for a small school!!!!! Everyone should pat themselves on the back for all of your contributions. I have learned that everyone is a contributor, no matter whether it is through volunteering time, making donations, offering to spread the word about our great school or cooking meals for a sick teacher or friend in need. I am honored to say that I am a part of the Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway for our accomplishments, whether big or small. As I write this note, I remember Ava's first day at Bluebonnet; three years old in pigtails. She was shy but ready to start HER journey before her little sister was born. As Ava now moves on to her next chapter, public school at Serene Hills, she will always carry Bluebonnet with her. She has grown up to become a leader, willing to be continually challenged by her teachers at school, in dance and by her friends. She is diligent, compassionate and creative. This is mostly do in part to her years at Bluebonnet and the Montessori way of teaching. Ms. Shah has been Ava's teacher since the beginning. Ava has a fondness for learning that can only be translated by her relationship with her teacher. Ms. Shah's passion for teaching and expanding our children's horizons is truly remarkable and translated by her students accomplishments thus far and yet to come!
And let's not forget Margo….. She is happy to step in where her sister is leaving off. (I think she is looking forward to going it on her own and not following in Ava's footsteps!) Thanks to Ms. Shah, Margo has overcome her fear of reading, loves geography and math. And, let me not leave out, socializing with her friends. We cannot wait to see where Bluebonnet takes her in the future. Again, I cannot express my gratitude for all of your support and understanding over the years.

Amelia Floyd

It is my pleasure to be given the opportunity to say "thank you" and to highly recommend Bluebonnet Montessori. The owner Ms. Silvia and all of the teachers and staff are nothing short of amazing. My family moved to Austin from out of state toward the end of the school year in 2007. I was concerned about my three year old son not being able to "gel" right into a new state, culture and Montessori school. After discussing this with Ms. Silvia, she was kind enough to find my son a space and allow him to begin right away. This was the best decision, in my opinion, as Bluebonnet was a perfect fit. The school strongly emphasizes academics which my son always leaned toward. It is amazing what is taught at Bluebonnet and more importantly how it is taught. Botany, chemistry, history, along with many other topics at age 5? Alec's teacher, Ms. Shah, is so experienced that she teaches me a lot about my son. She is incredible.
I'm always thrilled to see what comes home in my son's "work" bag. I can hardly believe what he is learning at his age. The kicker was that my son was so excited to learn and return to school each day. I completely trust the entire staff with the children's wellbeing. It became obvious very soon after being enrolled that they are completely committed to each and every child. I cannot say enough and will be sad when it is time to leave.

Kristine Watson

Letter to Maggie
Dear Maggie,
You are 4 ½ years old and completing your second year at Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway. It is almost all you have ever known beyond our little house so it seems natural and normal to you, and for that I am immensely grateful. However, it is important that you realize what a precious and rare gift it is. We've lived in this neighborhood for 16 years and we witnessed this strange brown building gradually being formed off of the main street called Debba Dr. Long before you were even conceived the Bluebonnet Montessori sign went up and we kept our eye on it for you. Once I decided to become a mother and God blessed me with your sweet little Spirit I knew from day one you would be a Montessori child. However, it was almost impossible for me to trust anyone other than myself to care for you and your precious being. I made many calls to Ms. Silvia and asked her what seemed to be hundreds of questions. I talked to all of my mom friends and found people who knew people who knew people at Bluebonnet and I quizzed them intensely about the school and the teachers there. Before you turned 2 I put you on the waiting list. There was a toddler class at that time and I was so anxious for you to start. It was such a warm and inviting space. Right about the time you were ready to begin, the toddler program ended and my heart broke. We would have to wait another year for your journey there to begin. I felt complete delight the day I received a phone call from Ms. Silvia saying she would like to meet you and determine if it was the right time and the right fit. You were only 2 ¾ and I have to confess that I may have rushed you through potty training just a little bit. I never doubted for a moment that they would fall in love with you and I was filled with absolute peace and joy watching you and Ms. Silvia that first day in the classroom.
Today your days are filled with love, laughter and learning. Your creative mind is thriving and your spirit soars. You love your friends and teachers and you never hesitate to fill me in on the emotional state of the day at school. You are learning about respect, patience, diversity, feelings, and caring for the earth and all of the beings on it. You are learning to think for yourself, to cooperate with others, and to speak your truth without tattling. You can
spell, and count, and write from 1- 100 backwards! You know that you are capable, competent, and that you matter. You are learning to find and mimic positive role models, as well as how to be one. After school our time together is threaded with many moments pretending to be Ms.Silvia, her daughter Rachael, and Ms. Michelle. We practice teaching, singing, writing, creating and traveling the globe. You and I both owe much gratitude to Ms. Silvia especially, for being so kind and guiding me to help you in ways that I could not have conceived. When we struggled at home and I had no idea what to do Ms. Silvia took time to teach me, and her methods worked like magic (ask me about the morning book). I could not have asked for a more perfect place or more beautiful people to help us care for you and nurture your growth. The way you play out the abundance you clearly receive on a daily basis is all the evidence I need to know that we are in the right place. We are all incredibly blessed. Thank you Bluebonnet Montessori!

Sincerely, Shannan Carrozza (Maggie's Mom)