Dear Bluebonnet,
Our family started at Bluebonnet the first year Silvia opened 12 years ago. Our son is now in sixth grade and the desire and love to learn that Bluebonnet helped to develop has still carried. We have had the opportunity to have our additional 3 children attend Bluebonnet as well. Throughout this time we have been able to have the pleasure of watching each child develop a desire and love to learn. Our family is so appreciative of the atmosphere of encouragement that each one of our children has had the privilege to be a part of. We cannot express enough appreciation and joy to the school for the enthusiasm they gain through their Montessori experiences. Bluebonnet has encouraged our family to broaden our children's international experience and fostered a level of independence that has built lifelong confidence that our children have carried with them throughout their future educational experience. Thank you for providing such a great start.

Sincerely, The Searle Family

I am very proud to say that I have a smart and inquisitive, kind and caring, and a very independent six-yar old daughter. Three years at Bluebonnet Montessori have nurtured her not only academically but her whole self. Nithya's teachers have sown in her the love for learning, the importance of hard work and the joy of independence, all of which I am hopeful she will carry on with her for the rest of her life. My daughter has made so much progress academically and has also made many friends and memories at Bluebonnet Montessori. I highly recommend this school to any parent who cares to provide their child with high quality early education.

Thirumagal Kumar

Both of my children have benefitted immensely from attending Bluebonnet Montessori. Besides a rich learning environment, they learn such invaluable things as being courteous to others, how to be global citizens, rich music enrichment and how all cultures are not only accepted but welcomed. Bluebonnet Montessori is a diamond in the rough where the teacher's passion for education and their enthusiasm for their students is unparalleled. The teachers we have had for almost five years are a testament to the quality of education that my sons received. I cannot think of a better foundation for my boys.

Natasha McRee