Dear Ms. Silvia and the entire Bluebonnet Family,
Our journey at Bluebonnet has been nothing short of incredible. I am still in denial that our time under your gifted guidance is coming to a close. It seems just like yesterday that we first toured Bluebonnet in 2008. You welcomed my family in with open arms. Gabriella was not even 3 years old when she started. Still a baby herself, we had Mia, a one year old at home with me. Once we selected BBMS, it was never a question if we were doing the right thing. Over the years, I have referred to Bluebonnet as "a little slice of Heaven", and I mean that sincerely.
My family will be eternally grateful for all that you have instilled in our girls. We love the organic, natural environment of Bluebonnet and all that you represent. The authenticity of the teachers and families that represent Bluebonnet goes unmatched.
I don't look at this as a door closing, but thanks to you, Bluebonnet has awakened a love for learning in both, Gabriella and now Mia. It is up to us to continue to nourish the gifts you planted in each of our girls' hearts and minds. We have cherished every moment with the school and other BBMS families.
Silvia, it has been a privilege attending your school. Over time, we learned the story of Bluebonnet and more about you. We thought then, as we do today, that no greater lady could serve all the Bluebonnet children and families with such love and grace. In every way, you made our girls flourish and thrive. You imparted so much parenting wisdom on me, and got me through some difficult growing pains as a new mom.
Our last year at Bluebonnet with Mia in Ms. Shah's classroom was a site to behold. It was nothing short of amazing! Mia developed and grew both personally and academically under Ms. Shah's and Ms. Shannon's amazing tutelage. Mia relished her time in the elementary classroom. She was excited each day and developed more than a love for learning, but a love for all that is around her.
As we leave you, the school and the great staff you surround yourself with, please know that you will always be in my heart, and when I think of you, I will always say a prayer of gratitude. We wish you the best in all aspects of your life, as I know no one is more deserving of happiness than you. We wish Bluebonnet Montessori all the best, as well.
Silvia, your generosity, authenticity, and love for what you do will hopefully be repaid tenfold in the years to come.
Mille grazie, a thousand thanks!
Sincerely yours,

Joe and Ashley Bastone

Bluebonnet is a magical place. Ms. Shah is an amazing, incredibly gifted and passionate teacher. She really motivates the children in her elementary class to learn and to be challenged, all the while keeping them excited about being at school each day. When your 6-year-old says that he wants to stay with Ms. Shah until he goes to college that speaks volumes about her ability to connect with students. The team of teachers that Ms. Silvia has assembled at Bluebonnet is outstanding. My daughter adores her teachers. Both of my children go to school smiling and come home happy – what more can a parent ask for?

Anisa Bhaiwala

I remember my own Montessori education fondly: I remember the enthusiasm of my teachers and how much I loved to learn new things. My Montessori education, ranging from pre-K through sixth grade, still ranks in my mind as one of the happiest times of my childhood. Walking into Miss Silvia's Bluebonnet Montessori classrooms brought back all of these memories at a rapid pace: I recognized everything; from the unique teaching materials to the classroom configuration. While this was very comforting, the real surprise came when I listened to Miss Silvia talk about her school. Her passion and vision shone through clearly; she showed a deep understanding of Maria Montessori's teaching philosophy and spoke so enthusiastically about the teaching methods and materials, that I remember smiling broadly throughout her entire presentation. There was no doubt that we had found the right school for our children. Our respect and admiration for Bluebonnet Montessori has only increased over time. In amazement, we have watched our children experience the joy of learning and grow into inquisitive, critical thinkers who seem to have developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The Bluebonnet Montessori program never ceases to impress us, with an ever broadening spectrum of teaching techniques and activities improving the curriculum every year. We feel very privileged to be a member of the Bluebonnet Montessori family. We are grateful to Miss Silvia and her magnificent team of teachers for providing the best possible education for our two boys. Bluebonnet Montessori will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Robin & Christine Dommisse Proud parents of Miles and Ian

Warmth, kindness, a sense of community and passion for learning, are a few words that come to mind regarding our experience over the past six years our son has been enrolled at Bluebonnet Montessori in Lakeway. Bluebonnet Montessori is an exceptional program that encourages young minds to blossom on their own with a focus on harmony and being well balanced. Our son, Sam joined the school when he was three years old, and now he's nine years old in his last year at the elementary program. The school has provided an exceptional platform suited to his inquisitive and unique spirit. If you are looking for school where your child will develop independent thinking skills and to be cared for with tender, kind and loving hearts, look no further.

The Palmer Family, Austin, TX